#MTB dVerse “Moralising”

Holding the Sky

this windward evening
rests green and purple...
the suppuration
of cloud hearts permeates

permeates grey tree skeletons
and the clack clack
of their shadows 
scything through the grass.

winter dusk is perfect
as a pantomime face -
summer’s stolen apricots
thick on her eyelids

I turn to cross the road
and see a bus windscreen
holding the sky like 
an oil slick // shimmer and swirl

appearances can be deceiving

Written for Anna’s dVerse prompt “Fall Seven Times, Stand up Eight”

18 thoughts on “#MTB dVerse “Moralising”

  1. I love your striking and original imagery in a poem with a central conceit that reinforces the unreliability of those impressions and surfaces. A deep and meaningful exploration of the prompt; thank you so much for joining us!

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  2. How beautiful you have painted: winter dusk is perfect. I can see that grey tree skeletons and summer’s stolen apricots. Agree – appearances can be deceiving. Thanks for joining in.

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