Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller! — Experiments in Fiction

I am excited beyond words to announce that Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is now the No.1 Bestselling New Release in Poetry Anthologies in both Paperback and Kindle formats: Chart-topping success!Thank you to everyone who has helped create a buzz around the launch of the anthology, and to all who have bought…

Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller! — Experiments in Fiction

Hi All,

Last night (midnight AEST), I attended online the amazing launch party organised by Ingrid Wilson and Gabriela Marie Milton for the #1 Bestseller Poetry Anthology “Wounds I Healed – Poetry of Strong Women”. It was just fantastic to listen to people from all over the world read their poems. I listed some of the countries represented: USA, UK, South Africa, Philippines, India, Romania, France, Australia. How amazing to be part of such a project! How wonderful to hear all those voices of men and women celebrating the strength of women across the globe.

If you would like to hear those voices, Ingrid recorded the whole thing and has posted it on Youtube (Ingrid has linked above). I didn’t quite make it to the end last night (I had my daughter’s birthday party today and needed some sleep before that) but, thanks to Ingrid’s technological genius, I was able to finish watching the video tonight. Awesome!

So thank you SO SO much to Ingrid and Gabriela for their tireless work and graceful accomplishment. They have boosted this amazing anthology right to the top of the charts. It’s a magnificent achievement!

I am so honoured to be part of this wonderful group.

<3<3 Josephine Shevchenko (AKA Worms)

8 thoughts on “Wounds I Healed: A #1 Amazon Bestseller! — Experiments in Fiction

  1. This is so cool! I scanned through the video but it wasn’t captioned so I couldn’t understand any of it (deafness), but it was really neat seeing some of the authors involved in this project. I saw you pop in at one point and thought, “Hey, there’s Worms!” 😀 Seriously, I’m extremely proud of you for having some of your wondrous poetry published in this anthology. There are several authors taking part in this project who I consider blog-buddies and who I respect and admire as writers and people, and I count you among that group. Congratulations, and I’m truly happy and excited for you. 🙂

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