Contrapunctal Poem

Winter Festival

I feel safe hereamong footprint clouds
where the lanterns spirala wind trodden sky
walking flames andall that is blown
in smoke’s waveris not undone
the shadows of childrenour little heads
shape my lifecurving as the moon
dark on darkvestigial beauty

Inspired by Misky

8 thoughts on “Contrapunctal Poem

    1. Yes. I tried creating columns in a word document and copying them across but they just disappeared and WP rearranged my lines into a vertical format. So then I used the table format on WP. I had to justify the lines manually. And they did behave oddly at times.


    1. Thanks Mike. I must admit I struggle with reading them. My eyes are as indecisive as the rest of me which makes the choice of trails tricky. But it was interesting trying to write one. Many many thanks for your lovely comment

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