Hunger’s Glare

Image by Students at Wangari Maathai International School
today in a cave, neck craned
we saw fig roots long and plaited
their wild search for life
cracking limestone in plunging serrations

and watch how we dangle our Earth 
from carbon’s canopy sky
we’re leaning over mountains,
taking our planet skydiving

through time’s twist and drizzle
conjuring bats’ whisper 
it’s an endless fall for any given fig...
and on the cinnamon glare

of our hunger, a lugubrious beast,
we’re horned: balanced and intimate, 
fear cresting like cold, a snow -
struck pool. we humans are

a mere bull’s burp, subject to
methane’s flooding heat

Written for Visual Verse Anthology – July 2022 Vol 09 Chapter 9

9 thoughts on “Hunger’s Glare

  1. Excellent poem Worms! 👏👏😁😁 These lines in particular I thought were gorgeous!
    “we’re leaning over mountains,
    taking our planet skydiving” 👌👌❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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