Photography on Whitehaven Beach

indigo brooms 
gather sea and sky
into giant opals, 
their sprawl and gleam
between hoop pines'
earnest green

even in the lens, 
light ticks here like halyard snap 
this beach of white, 
a glittering bosom
spinnaker unfurled

I'm whip blind 
crouching in the rip
of sand stars hitchhiking -
the spitting wind
whittles to one sharp point

on the dune,  
a moon disc's translucent shell -
cups the bleached horizon
I point my camera at a twist of stick 
lightly buried as yesterday
but forgotten all the same

12 thoughts on “Photography on Whitehaven Beach

      1. Captain Cook named the Whitsundays Area. The islands aren’t heavily populated… it’s a national park these days. So I’m not sure of the history of the name. But the sand is incredibly white. It’s a funny part of the world. In the winter, the sea is pretty cool – you really need wet suits for snorkelling to be comfortable. And in the summer, the sea is dangerous with irukandji jellyfish, box jellyfish and potentially crocodiles. And of course, there’s the possibility of cyclones too. But it is so incredibly beautiful!! Let’s just hope the reef can be saved from Climate CHange.

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