#dVerse Poetics – Fractals

Shoal Cloud

periwinkle stars
quilted and filtered
squamous morsels 
light the tickled sand

shadows twine and splice
scales' pleated sheen 
a thousand bright flecks 
forming the dark
fish shoal cloud
rides the tideโ€™s skin
blowy as bird feathers
carapaced in silver

then surface whips
             white tipped fin & flip
             unfolding the eloquence of sharks

written for dVerse poetics “Fractals” hosted by msjadeli

15 thoughts on “#dVerse Poetics – Fractals

  1. It’s funny, I read this first as a night sky, then looked at the title again and read it as the sea. It’s beautiful either way. I love the descriptive 3D texture you give to your poem.

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