# Twiglet 289

Just Visiting

I don't know where you sleep 
These days // memory is a translucent shell
Balanced on rock teeth // it’s a window ledge I know,
And yet I’m here... dwarfed by latticed shadows,
Scoured wood grain and tight glass

And under the soughing of tired feet 
I hear your voice and see the lightning 
Colours in your hair // that last time
When you cried and I didn’t believe 
Things would change // the wheeling day.

written for Twiglet #289

8 thoughts on “# Twiglet 289

    1. Thanks Misky. The wheeling day was simply meant to represent the onward roll of time. Clearly not clear. And loss is right. I am glad you got that from it. I was at the hospital the other day and found myself thinking a lot about my friend who died there in February.

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      1. the first stanza I liked in parts but the second stanza took off enveloping me in a miasma of dread: I wanted to know what it was BUT I wanted Not to know as well; the poem is stronger in the reader not knowing —

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