I still love that album

He’s there again
skinny with dreads
and a bean pod tattoo
and I order my usual
toasted bagel with butter and vegemite
and the music thrums
and I ask him what it is
“St Germain, Tourist” he says
and shows me a CD cover
orange with a train
and his cheeks dip in
like life is a long inhale
and those were the days
before I felt guilty
about take away coffee cups
and I sip as I walk away
over the railway bridge
and on the horizon
scroll some callipygian clouds
and melted butter
runs down my chin

Written for dVerse Poetics. “Write about a restaurant”

This is the music.

9 thoughts on “I still love that album

  1. Love this poem and this scene you’ve described. Kind of nostalgia in the now. It made me feel like that. You know when you experience nostalgia about a moment you’re experiencing? You already know it’s passing and you miss it while you’re living it? And yeah that’s a great tune, I can see how it accented the moment. I had to look up callipygian though! But I’m glad I did! 😂

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    1. Thanks, JYP. I made up the dude but the rest was real (I mean, somebody must have served me that day but I don’t remember who it was). If you’re ever in Sydney, that cafe was right near Erskineville station. I have such fond memories of the luxury of buying myself a coffee and a bagel. I was new to getting an income I suppose.


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