A Cadralore

At the recycling centre 3 cats 
with a 3-box kennel and this woman 
- grubby nylon and a whispering smile.
She says “I’m looking for something”
and the cats ooze, tails like worms.
Near the gate, a Toyota Seca and a 
sleeping bag greet the feebling sun

I would spend all my days 
mimicking star-shine for you 
striking sparks to empty your face of shadows.
The kitchen sky’s awash and I can’t hear you
above the shooshing. Good old Winter has her branches out
sweeping up every milk cloud splatter
that skirts the ice cream moon

The little girl on the stairs 
has a hole in her green tights 
and a violin that lunges around her body.
She is telling a story of crocodiles
and tree kangaroos as she arranges herself
for each step, her grin like a lighthouse
Dad waits at the bottom. Cold air river.

They say money speaks in a foreign tongue
but nobody’s listening this wicker night. 
Sinew are the mountains and we’re 
stopping to rest. Rocky shoulder and
broken visions. There’s darkness in the west 
angrier than Rumplestiltskin. A name.
A name that echoes and is gone.

21 thoughts on “Struck

  1. I enjoyed this one Worms! 👍 So many wonderful lines & descriptions! 👌😁👏
    The following 2 stood out to me:
    “striking sparks to empty your face of shadows”

    “sweeping up every milk cloud splatter that skirts the ice cream moon”.

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    1. Thanks Mr Bump. Hey, I have a question for you. A friend of mine had brain surgery recently for a tumour. As a result she has lost her left field of vision. It has only been a couple of months but she’s finding it pretty limiting as to what she can do. Computers are a bit of a nightmare. I was wondering if you can recommend any software that might help? She’s a single Mum and can’t work at the moment so it would be great if you knew of any open source stuff. I will look too but I just thought if you had experience and could recommend anything…

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      1. I’ve seen it in other stroke survivors but none used a computer as far as I know, so I don’t know particularly.
        However my eyesight isn’t brilliant either, I prefer to listen to posts rather than read them. Lots of apps will do this themselves but there is also special software used by blind people.
        Astrid and Shirley, on here, are both blind yet manage to write and interact on WordPress. I can let you know who they are, if any use.
        I’m not sure and of this is open source, though. But I don’t really know enough about it. Word will read to me but I think that’s an add-on that comes with my paid subscription. Firefox is free and of course is a leading browser. The PC version can read many web pages – that’s how I get by.
        Tell yopur friend to be careful who she informs. My mate told the driving people and the next thing, they revoked his license. Which might well have been a good thing, but for him it was a lifeline.

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      2. Yeah. The surgeon told her pretty much immediately after surgery that it was likely she’d never drive again. She’s gutted. But she also recognises that it’s probably safer that way. Thanks for the offer to put me in touch with Astrid and Shirley. I would like that. By the way, after I messaged you I remembered a podcast I heard 6 or more months ago interviewing two blind guys here in Australia who had set up open source software. It’s called NVDA. Here’s the URL. Sounds like you get by pretty well as you are but thought I would share that with you.

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