I Heart Earth

 tectonic love, I know
    you’re  too old to start again

      you swaddle me
  in your gauzy scarf 
        those rapscallion clouds
            spelling sunsets 
or possibly the daydreams of fire ants
          nest unravelled
                         one cicada alone is beautiful
                           beaten rainbow wings -                          
                                   (note the azalea swirls
                                      like shokunin steel)

      but we are a carnival
 roaring against your gums
     our brief existence
      swarms your rib cage
                   your laughing bones
                       warm as ginger
                         spew blood
          and we discover our deaths

Rejected by 3Elements. My Mum (my best critic but she didn’t see this until after I’d sent it off) loved the first two stanzas but found the second two a little confusing. Be interested to know if others feel the same.

8 thoughts on “I Heart Earth

  1. I agree with your mother. This is one of the problems for a writer when trying to include three words that have no apparent connection. The first two stanzas are perfect (very Wormsie). However, I tripped over “gums” – probably because it’s a ‘gummy’ word. It’s possible that switching to personification in the last stanza made it feel disconnected. Having said all that, as a stand-alone that last stanza is excellent – it just doesn’t feel connected with the first two stanzas.

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  2. Bloody love those rapscallion clouds! :-D. Adore the whole thing though, Worms, tectonic love, the daydreams of fire ants and the whole of that last stanza wraps it up so beautifully, I just love it.

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