Aesop hated summer, the rancid thuggery of it.  He hated the way the parched earth scooped dust into his eyes, how his rib cage ached with stooping and how the cicadas rubbed gravel in his ears from wake to sleep. He dreamed of something sweeter, something cooler…  like the far night sky and the frosty glitter of its stars.

One night he had a dream that with one blue breath he, Aesop, brought the stars down. They unravelled from their galaxies and fell like pale rain. They landed, sheet-laid and fabulous, among the dancing flax flowers of the fields where he slaved.  “The night for you, and the day for me!” he yelled to the sky.  Angry clouds blistered and boiled and he heard the gods cry  “Robbery!” but the stolen  treasures heaved below, free of stricture and pulsing with glee.

When he woke, Aesop knew that his days of field labour were over.  He would escape to Pyles.  He had heard that there,  where the land fell away, was something called the sea.  He knew that there he would find a place where day’s light met night’s beauty, where stars populated the blue.

such ribald shimmying
where gulls fret and dive
mirrors plate the sand

The final part in my series responding to Sarah’s “Four Elements” Poetics prompt on dVerse

21 thoughts on “Water

  1. Fantastic Worms! 👏👏👌👌 So many wonderful lines and imagery here! 😁😁 “The rancid thuggery of it…” “the frosty glitter of the stars” “where the land fell away, there was something called the sea.” Really enjoyed that! 😁

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      1. Absolutely love it, so much fantastic imagery, and the narrative really draws you in. The cicadas rubbing gravel in the ears is so perfect. And the haiku works so well too. It’s one of those ones that I read and think “I wish I’d written that”.

        Liked by 1 person

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