Surprisingly I’m still the same
Unable to resist sunshine in cloth, must hold it to my
Nose and breathe.  Sleep
Leans in then and
I am a child again,
Gazing over my little batik sarong, its smell a
Hammock for my
Tiredness.  In its quiet hug, I am safe.

Written for dVerse Poetics. “Common Scents”

20 thoughts on “Smell

  1. Washing that has dried in a hot sun smells like ironing. Since it’s years since I’ve ironed anything, that smell reminds of the bad old days when I did mountains of it!

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    1. Lol. I don’t iron unless there’s a funeral or a wedding to attend. But I don’t associate ironing with sunshine. To me ironing smells more like when it has been a really hot day and then it rains and the road steams. Ironing has that wetness to it.


    1. Hammocks bring comfort, the batik sarong bringing a hammock smell of the hammock to make comfort worked well. Clever.
      Thank you for hosting, I wish I could have come earlier for more interaction.

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