I Wait

I wait, four curtains distant, eyelids
guard my memories:
her in dusk’s clothing,
beauty like the
clean evening mist that hangs
from lavender’s tips, never to
rust. There’s power in fading away...

Rust, it’s silent, inevitable journey
from skin to heart. But I
clean and clean, preserving
beauty, love framed with the gnarled timbre of
her eyes, never seeing. What shield can
guard us from the setting of our suns?
I wait, four curtains distant.

Written for Laura’s dVerse prompt “Vertical line of kisses”

Using the line “I guard her beauty clean from rust” from Siegfried Sassoon

34 thoughts on “I Wait

  1. “What shield can guard us from the setting of our suns?” I really like this line Abig! You did a wonderful job with the inversion of the line. Excellent piece.👍🏼🙂✌🏼❤️

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