Shoes of Dinosaurs

We borrowed our shoes 
from a dinosaur on the hill
each foot crashing 
with indispensable decisions 
- mammoth & satisfying.
Giant houses & wrathful money 
seem smart in the clammy fists
of men until cash tires &
desire becomes jaded, 
slipping to the floor
like damp newspaper.  

Frogs, fat on sugar 
& the gratis of the poor, 
flap about in sweltering puddles
waiting for the moon to rise,
eager for her cool tones.
Meanwhile 40 million cicadas 
contract a marvellous roar because 
“that is what we’ve always done,
so put that in your locket.”

Meanwhile, womanly cuckoos
squat in the nests of currawongs,
fluffy rumps enthroned
in mother-plucking down
& the hard-won twigs of nesting.
They leave their unborn young,
shell-wrapped & ready 
for others to make the world safe.

March on, we cry.
Choose convenience
Choose the bells 
of that tolling moon.

Written with some of Jane’s Sunday list of random words.

11 thoughts on “Shoes of Dinosaurs

  1. The next time I’m with my grandson, (who turned 3 yesterday) we’re going to wear dinosaur shoes!! He loves dinosaurs and jumps about like King Louis in the Jungle Book movie.

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    1. 😍 Super cute! Just out of interest, did this poem make any sense to you? I read it to Mr Worms and he liked it because it relates to a conversation we had. But I am not sure its intended meaning will be clear to anyone else.

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      1. I liked the word combinations, the word-feel, the mystique of it, and I’m never fussed when I don’t understand something. It’s not always necessary or desirable.

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      2. Fair enough. When I was in China, a French friend taught me some songs in French. She told me what the lyrics meant. They were so weird! So when I taught myself a song from the movie Les Choriste, I asked her please not to tell me the meaning. I didn’t think the words would be weird but possibly a bit… over sentimental? Anyway, to this day I don’t know the meaning and I am happy with that. So I get it.

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  2. Made perfect sense to me, Jo. The dinosaurs on the hill will get a hell of a fright in a couple of years when the teal wave breaks over them. Still you gotta plan for all contingencies including the sad neglect shown over the last decade which has left us prey to the top predators and that tolling moon. Well, that’s how I read it anyway.

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