#dVerse poetics

Artwork by Lee Madgwick

Cinnamon Nothing

I draw down cinnamon from the sky 
to mask blank spaces
but still they look blank
like nothing is a contagion.

Between me
and the growth of emptiness
is a hug of trees
sharper than toothmarks

We stand outside
our darkness, all of us ~
even the breeze is savage
though it whistles

I didn’t have a good week for writing so this is too late for Mr Linky. Nevertheless, thank you Sarah, for the intriguing artworks you shared as your prompt. And thank you, Lee Madgwick for your generosity in sharing them.

11 thoughts on “#dVerse poetics

  1. Oh God, I love this! Every single word. So stark and glaring and precise and clean, like the house portrayed. That last stanza is so enigmatic! “We stand outside our darkness” – the intrigue! Love the photo too. It has the feeling of breeze you speak of, though more of a gentle one πŸ™‚

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