The thing

The thing is, I am faced with somewhat of a conundrum. Inspired to proper action (specifically with regards to my writing) by having to confront my mortality and by early success this year, I have resolved to submit my writing regularly to journals, competitions etc. In making this resolution I hadn’t accounted for the complication that many publishers insist that work must not have been published anywhere online, not even on one’s own blog.

Of course nobody says I MUST submit my writing and I also have the choice to only submit where these limitations are not exercised. However, I did study creative writing at Uni and I feel like it is something I want to do before I die… see what I can achieve with my writing. I have never had any other career. I’m hopeful that writing may afford me some self-satisfaction that has hitherto been missing.

As I have enjoyed the blogging community so utterly and as many of my best poems have come out of prompts provided by other bloggers, I find this a trying limitation to how I have previously operated. I am a little unsure how to proceed but for now there may be fewer posts than previously while I try and work out a good system.

13 thoughts on “The thing

  1. Yes Worms. I’ve always found those publishing restrictions these competitions set very frustrating! As blogging is where most of us writers/poets cut our teeth creatively speaking and a place we use as a sounding board for our material. I personally think more leeway should be given.

    Anyways, I wish you the best of luck with whatever decision you make. With the quality of your writing I’ve no doubt about your ability to carve out a successful writing career! 👍👍😁😁

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  2. When I was actively submitting my short fiction back in my twenties, I ran into this restriction as well, only back then it was much more prevalent than it is now. Those were the days of hard copies–typed, double-spaced, wide margins (for editors’ notes), self-addressed stamped envelopes (SASE), and months-long wait times. I went 0-21 and then I gave up for twenty years–didn’t write anything from 1992-2012. Nowadays, it’s so different. Instantaneous email submissions, shorter wait times, and a lot more places accept previously published work. If you focus on smaller publications first, you’ll find a much more welcoming atmosphere as many smaller publishers and internet outlets accept previously published work. Earlier this year, at the request of an editor friend, I began submitting poetry to MasticadoresIndia and have had three pieces published so far. it’s a thrill beyond words to finally be able to say I’m a “published writer.” All of my published pieces were originally published on my blog. There are plenty of editors and publishers out there who care only about quality and not if it’s been previously published. What editors really don’t like is simultaneous submissions as those can get messy if two or more editors show interest in one piece.

    I gave up on the idea of ever receiving any sort of compensation for my writing a long time ago. For me, just seeing my work published at a literary site is satisfaction enough. I believe the quality of the work is most important, and if you’re talented (and you are immensely talented), your work will be recognized and published. Sure, don’t be afraid to send your work to big-name publishers (you’ll never know unless you try, right?), but my totally unsolicited advice is to focus first on the “little magazines” and websites that are open to previously published work. You can get your work out there sooner and develop a portfolio of published pieces, and this will help you get published at bigger places.

    Anyway, this topic has always been incredibly important to me, immensely interesting, and I have a bit of experience with it, so I thought I’d pop in with my two cents’ worth. I hope you find some publishers because your writing is phenomenally good and people need to read it. You have a lot to say and your voice is brilliant. Best of luck, my friend! 🙂

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  3. An interesting conundrum that has me perplexed too. I like the thoughts in the previous comments. Finding little publishers who don’t stipulate that the work has to be unpublished sounds like very sensible advice. Also does a piece count as ‘unpublished’ if you have edited and refined a piece of raw, spontaneous writing published on your blog? You are very talented poet and I hope you find ways to share your work with a larger audience. Good luck.

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  4. Totally understand, Worms, it’s a bummer, isn’t it. Still, I love your reason for submitting more and so you should, your viewpoint and talent with language is so unique and particular, utterly publishable. I love reading your work, it’s expansive, moving, inspiring and surprising.

    I do the same sometimes (in not posting as much cos of subs), but I also feel that I have a responsibility to share my words. However, you should know that Rattle, Green Ink Poetry and Free Verse Revolution all accept work that has been published on blogs so you could submit some of your blog poems to them. I’m sure there’s other journals that accept them too. Good luck with it! 🙂

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