16 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

      1. No, not in the least. I see people with cameras, people sketching and painting, easels propped up all over the place here in Sussex. Is a photographer an artist? Is graffiti art- is Banksy an artist? Is an artisan an artist? In my mind, yes. And does AI digital art qualify as art. I reckon that’s in the eye of the beholder. I’d love to know your answer to your question: Do you think artists and art are endangered?

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      2. I don’t think I do believe them endangered as I was very surprised by the comment. Also, I know too many. And, as you say, there are so many forms of art to take into account. But it is true that I don’t see that many easels about. This was a lovely scene to cone across.

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      3. šŸ‘. I have a small camera which I do enjoy using but it doesn’t talk to my computer as easily and I ruined a similar camera by getting sand in the lens mechanism and, as my eyes get worse, I find the smaller screen harder to work with.


  1. That’s a fantastic picture. An artist portraing an artist. I don’t think it’s an endagered species, we all have a need to express ourselves as soon as we’ve climbed those first steps on the Maslov pyramid.

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