Man Saved from Mud

NovPAD Day 6: News Story


it happened:
two days of brown drowning

imagine the loss
to see one’s self disappearing
in this gelatinous top-slide
from our known Earth

our limbs, without leverage
prove fragile as seaweed
how inexorably we tunnel in
with every writhe and struggle

and the inkling cold
oozing, wet and tentacled
against brittle ribs 


he’s in all the betweens
of sheets and beeps and neverland

attached to
renaissance tubes
their whims and 
plastic puffing

a child, beside him
pushes a lolly pop
like pride into his hand


“Wow GeeGee!
 I wanna rescue tractors
  when I’m a hundred!”

10 thoughts on “Man Saved from Mud

  1. Wow… this is brilliant Worms.
    My neighbour nearly lost a horse stuck in mud a couple of years when we were in drought and her dam dried up to just black mud. Now everything is full and saturated and last week she had to tow her written-off car home with her tractor after the creek rose and took it. And we’ve got more flooding coming on Sunday. 😦
    Lovely image of the lollipop like pride.

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