night of the eclipse

NovPAD Day 9 (blank of the blank)

we watched from the old hotel
past the great bell flowers
  and flared to dancing
against the verandah rail

in that city of fluorescence
we were tiny as match-sticks
  the park’s humming baize
  watched breathless too
 as blackness took a bite

a dog – face split dark and white -
howled as Earth shut her roaming eye
   wept because sadness
   is another shadow
that haunts our guts after dark

back inside etched ceilings 
flattened to opaque white
   above glittery chandeliers
   feeble as the threatened moon
half their bulbs extinct

6 thoughts on “night of the eclipse

    1. Thanks! I wrote quite a long list of “something of the something” options and none of them spoke to me. And then I was looking back through the photos on my phone and saw the flower photo featured. It was taken in Sydney the night before I won my award – the night of the eclipse. And whammo. I had a poem. All the details are true. There really was a dog with a face half brown and half white. The lighting in the hotel really was dim with half the bulbs gone. I was amazed at all the links when I thought about it.


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