Ode to a Split Gum

NovPAD Day 8 (a form poem) & for Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge

from the window
I see your arms 
cradled in other tempests
engulfing the dart-stream.

it’s a day in monochrome
light-skim and leaf-lobby
a thick potassic melt,
a fiddle-dee-dee of water dashing

summer is devoured now 
its images scribbled over
does your skin remember
its heat and brilliance 

or me sitting naked shouldered 
that sensual dalliance 
with your shadows’ slip
in those days the  

mountains stood back
letting the sky fling its washing
wide and blue as creation’s grin.
and there I was, rug-meld
and simmer of dandelions
watching ants truck crumbs 
across my book 
as if the words themselves 

were going to ground 
do you remember those long days 
never once imagining 
lightning’s dreadful axe?

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