Now might we do it, pat.

NovPAD Day 18. (funny)

What ho, Brabantio?
That thieves should steal our Friday night!

Sixteen and theatre-bound
we ate Maltesers 
without wisdom.
Shakespeare seemed to us 
a slow way to dusty death.

Behind hands’ meagre arras
and ‘midst quench-ed giggles
we meanwhile sprouted plots.

To spill or not to spill
that was the question.
To tip our sweets over 
authority’s balding pate?

To sleep or to cough,
that we might mask 
the wings and sparrows
of outrageous giggles.
We held dread box aloft.
while down below
oh earnest night! 
Such strutting and fretting
upon the stage.

But alas!

How sharper than the serpent's tooth 
to have a thankless audience.
What rogues and pleasant fools were we!

So many old fashioned words
glowered like goblins in our ears
Such learning, such laboured hours
until tomorrow and tomorrow

all signifying nothing.

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