lost umbrellas & other zombies

NovPAD Day 20. (Conflict)

Since the weatherman
started dressing like Darth Vader
our cul-de-sac’s been sadder
than an empty tiffin tin.
And then, last week,
a gargantuan hole
opened in the sky
just above our letterbox.

As you can imagine
a yawn like that
attracted the neighbours;
all sucked in like umbrellas 
to a lost property counter.

And so we stood, our
divining “ah”s falling about
in the azalea hedge
and our ankles rolling
in the potholes
that last month’s rain 
triggered in the street’s psyche.

Dave who lives in the 
house with the faltering roof tiles
wiped his nose with a hand
like yesterday’s bread
and said “Jeez.  I think
that’s what they call a cloud tsunami!”

But Cosmic Paul who grows
Minuet lettuces and extravagant dandruff 
waved derision like a flag: 
“Did ya read that in the Sun?”

The crowd lowered faces 
and trickled away, unplugged
somehow from space’s unwieldy show.
It seemed everyone had weeds to pluck
and bacon that needed frying.

Soon the street was empty once again
and I remembered to get the bill
I'd dropped onto the mouldering azalea petals.

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