and then came Rubik’s Law

NovPAD Day 30 (and…) & submission to Visual Verse

This month’s image is by Kabiyur Rahman Riyad and you can see it here

disaster unfolds
in the everyday spinning 
of shapes

a car on its side
its fling of glass petals
and pooling oil
mirrors an owl’s
hunter carnage, 
beak’s scrimmage

in the body’s 
loops & worms.
Our palms’ blood

cups resolution
tight as wrinkles
until the falling away

hope’s wrist 
& control 

takes flight
from the mind
we are helpless

dandled on
occasion’s fingertips

10 thoughts on “and then came Rubik’s Law

  1. Gosh, this is a powerful piece. This phrase “an owl’s hunter carnage, beak’s scrimmage” is like that odd need to look at a car crash, and thank ones stars that you’re safe.

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  2. Wow. This is fantastic. It reminds me there is chaos in any system. I really love the second half, beginning with,

    cups resolution
    tight as wrinkles
    until the falling away

    and ending with,

    dandled on
    occasion’s fingertips

    You’re endings are the best!

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