c’est la fin des haricots

Written for Miz Quickly November Prompts Day 4 (Stairs, dog, sentence, november, effort, since, careful, required, beans, wrench)

the dog and I 
wrench morning
through our lungs

jog against
granular breath 

the efforts of snails

intermittent but parallel
sure as ships
on a concrete crossing
to garden beds

ricocheting shadows 
and dirt sentences

their course is set 
to the fate of our beans

13 thoughts on “c’est la fin des haricots

  1. I absolutely love this one!

    “jog against
    granular breath

    the efforts of snails”

    “ricocheting shadows
    and dirt sentences”

    But I’d have to quote the whole thing, it’s wonderful 🙂

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    1. Oh thank you! :-). It was astonishing. I went for a jog (well that was astonishing enough) but all along the footpath were snails all headed the same way at a snail’s idea of a fast clip. It was like they’d come in off the grass lands and were heading for the jungles of people’s yards.

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      1. Ha ha! That’s funny! That you astonished yourself by going for a jog 😀 I try and avoid jogging where possible.

        That sounds like an incredible image. I’d love to see an art house film of all these snails heading out the same way together. I wrote a poem about snails once.

        I used to have to cycle to work every day some years ago and it rained a lot for days and every morning there would be a trail of snails in the cycle path and I’d constantly be swerving to avoid them. That’s basically what the poem’s about. I might share it at some point.

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      2. Hey, I might share it some time! It’s very naive, so I’ll probably need to chisel it.

        Nah, it was fine, I was always getting off my bike to move the snails out of the way (it’s fairly easy to do that when it’s wet) or I’d hop onto the pavement 🙂

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