all this rubbish

(Rarely has any poem got so far from what I thought I was going to write)

the Greeks
married Pandora 
to temptation

blamed her
for trouble’s escape

a howling mist 
fattening the sky 

one small thing to note

Earth veers 
dangerously around her sun  
down the pitted Way
the galaxy
holds its star babies close

all the clump and stink
jostle her ever over
rugged brows and
tumble-weed hair

Icarus, your wings!

nebula thick 
it rains grey tears
rips in a stone-washed horizon

we breathe through
myopic lungs

a howling mist
fattens the sky

16 thoughts on “all this rubbish

  1. I love when the poem (or story, or lyrics) takes the reins and all you can do is hold on for the ride! This is amazing stuff! Given enough rope, these things find their own paths and they always seem to be the most unique and interesting ones (even the ones that lead to dead-ends). I may be wrong, but I would imagine you had a blast writing this one. 🙂


  2. I mean, you’re just so good anyway, and then you just get better. I love the “clump and stink”, the “tumbleweed hair” (sound like mine, tbh), and then the exclamation, “Icarus, your wings!” So good.


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