Christmas Cricket

here in the bias
of crosscut hills
we’re playing cricket

he’s umpire and decision maker
great straw hat
diminishing the rain 

the kurrajongs* play too
fat footed and stolid
slamming back the hardest hits

or filter them crownwise 
wonky as inebriation
and we laugh and dart 
simple as dogs into the fray

the little ones sketch wild swings,
unwind the sky in plastic swirl
then run and run, 

victory like tooth shine 
in their smiles
and so the bowler begins again

daring precision against
pebble prod and track lean
forcing eager batters to canter from the crease

the rain keeps falling
we’re lank haired and pink cheeked
wildly competitive 

yet fun's the only score

*Kurrajongs (brachychiton rupestris) are a native Australian tree with trunks shaped like old-fashioned milk bottles – fat at the bottom and narrowing near the crown.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Cricket

  1. Wonderful! I was unfamiliar with kurrajongs. So thanks for the asterisk. I’ve only played cricket once. It was fun. I really like the lines, “wonky as inebriation” and “victory like tooth shine
    in their smiles” Just love the playfulness of this. And the last lines sums it up perfectly.

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    1. Thanks Bob. White Australia is still part of the “Commonwealth” so cricket is part of the national DNA. Honestly, I only discovered any enjoyment of it about 2 Christmases ago and I only play annually but it’s an aspect of the family Christmas I now look forward to.

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