what mystifies

Written for Miz Quickly’s November Prompts Day #14 (in the gaps)

he understands most things:
that 900 page book on the physics of aerofoils
the workings of a train at a glance
745 defining intricacies of rocket engines
the impact of Cadbury dairy milk on certain substances
how to write a program to solve word puzzles
the wilderness of AI
how to fix a pen, a leaking roof or a whoopie cushion 
the relevant stresses on a timber house beam
the importance of consistency in dog training
how to sew a pagoda roof for the trampoline
the best way to explain a maths problem to a 9 year old
how to make truly amazing baklava
the delicate de-tangling of a gold chain
choosing a superb pineapple
how to make a power monitor
cars, cars, cars
the pros and cons of many different political systems
and the best way to wrap a snake bandage

but there are two things that continue to mystify:
the little needle threader on the sewing machine  
and his wife’s ongoing obsession with coffee

he says
every life needs a little magic

4 thoughts on “what mystifies

  1. This is maybe the best list poem I have ever seen, if I may call it that. I love how you start out with all the technical trade stuff that most people don’t know, and then suddenly there’s a whoopee cushion. That actually made me laugh out loud. This man you describe is certainly a kind of Renaissance Man, a jack of all sports of trades, but as you say, a person needs a little mystery (and maybe poets need a lot of it, and coffee.) So well done.
    By the way, the shoe is now firmly on the foot because when I tried to link your blog to the blogroll on my sidebar, it didn’t work. I can’t get qbit’s to work, either. But what I am going to do is to follow you on WP so I can find you more easily. 😉



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