New Year’s Resolution

Written for Miz Quickly’s November Prompts Day 17 (word list)

I say “I’m giving up meat”
he says “that’s a bit extreme”

and I think
of the weather
racing us to the slaughter

and now
I’m dreaming

some green-washed balloon
suspends me
vacant as a windchime

Far below
is Gaia’s place
her archipelago 
stepping stones to grief

morning arches
like a grey brow 
over torn lines 

parchment waves
a thousand chalk-beach islands
and her heart
pulsing thunderous blue

I see a glimmer 
gull wings rapping 
waltz-time like crickets

then she breathes
bundled in a blizzard

and the last bee
calculating strokes
to the shore

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. I love how the, “And I think” from the first part turns into, “I’m dreaming.” And the fantastic images that follow. I was a vegetarian for many years. But not now. Though I generally don’t eat a lot of meat.

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