sky jewellery

written for Fireblossom’s Procol Harum world list

in this slow dusk 
after rain 

when the breeze is a cartwheel
and the sky wears an overcoat

I’m here
in cold necked flurry

under a laden oleander bush
petal’s tipping point
held by a star, 

and I wonder where God is
since we filled the sky with science -
a galaxy of bling but 
we’re stringing 
metallic baubles anyway

as if night needs more eyes

I grab a handful
of pink flowers

poisonous as rocket fuel
and confetti the path

17 thoughts on “sky jewellery

  1. Wow! First, I’m so pleased that you did the List and absolutely aced it. I re-read this and there is not a wasted word anywhere. All the images are fresh and right. I especially like the oleander bush and the galaxy of bling. This is inspired work, Jo, just first rate. Thanks so much for linking this beauty to the Procol Harum list!


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    1. Thanks JYP. So glad you like it. Poems are coming easy as wrenched teeth the last few weeks. LOL. I blame myself for watching too many corny Youtube movies over Xmas/New Year. They are so sticky sweet, I’m like a fly on glue paper – wriggling legs and nothing useful.

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  2. love the ‘galaxy of bling’ and the pink flowers ‘poisonous as rocket fuel’ ; we used to have an oleander bush in our front yard when we were kids: I was always fascinated by it —


  3. “…we filled the sky with science..” A captivating line. The cartwheel and overcoat line are lovely as well. Enjoyed this very much –

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  4. Damn that’s good. The last two lines are brilliant – the juxtaposition of dark and light is perfect, and amazing
    Anything but stuck to Hallmark flypaper!!


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