eagle mirror

Written for Ingrid’s dVerse poetics “Visionary Poetry”

we took a tinny
(outboard and thongs)
but she rowed

repetitive arcs
fireflies off the oars
and the sun 

beaming straight in
to this sodden volcano
its mirrored face

how we stroked it
with our motion
something made me 

want to slip in deep
to swim down a shaft of yellow fragments
to its broad frayed end

among bubbles and eel whiskers
until I rose again
to her shouts, her shoulders

cast outward from the boat
pointing like a yard arm
to the giant eagle

pinions broadcast
wider than fishing nets
opening its heart

sevenfold to the world
I was in a bronze coin
in which he saw his own blue sky

chipped back up
ripple shards tossing colour 
and me under water

at the rake end of him
talons squared like wrench jaws
despicable glory

fringes of lake and mind
their froth beating
chaos on my head

NB:  thongs, in Australia, are not underwear but are shoes (known as flip flops, I think, in the UK)

29 thoughts on “eagle mirror

  1. I enjoyed the lightness and movement in this poem, which is down to earth in its references – the tinny, outboard and thongs – but so surreal. I especially love the ’fireflies off the oars’ and the ‘shaft of yellow fragments…among bubbles and eel whiskers’, and the ‘fringes of lake and mind / their froth beating / chaos on my head’.

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  2. At the end, when you explained that the thongs were footwear, well, I had to re-read the poem! 😉

    There are some lovely phrases here. In fact, “sevenfold to the world” is hovering in my head now. Sounds like the title of a 1970s concept album perhaps?

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  3. That penultimate tercet is fierce, I love it! Despicable glory indeed. I had a dream about a golden eagle about a month ago, very vivid. He came straight at me and I startled awake. He was both magnificent and intimidating!


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    1. Thanks Sjay! I so enjoyed your contribition to this prompt about the tricycle and watching the rocket. It’s frustrating not being able to comment!! I read it last night but o read quite a few others too and will need to go back to yours. But I looked aeveral times for a way to comment and was unsuccessful.

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