nature’s gorgeous laundry

A Cadralore

Written for Shay’s Wednesday prompt – Alicia Suskin Ostriker Word Garden List

on the verandah 
a dead cricket 
eyes bug black and gaping 

cicadas’ glassy roar


ants in dirt houses
a million feet
traipse terracotta halls

no need for door mats


white winged choughs
goons of the forest floor
whirrr and scatter

come! dance a red-eyed polka


in the olive grove
white ribs like a ship’s carcass 
sinking in summer’s foam

blow flies hum and thrive

between three trees
mist woven into droplets
spider web array and silver strings 
nature’s gorgeous laundry

12 thoughts on “nature’s gorgeous laundry

  1. This is excellent, Jo. The Cadalore isn’t so easy to do by any means; making each stanza cohesive with the others while complete in and of themselves is a tricky business and you’ve aced it here. There isn’t a wrong note throughout. In fact, that seems to be a strength of yours–you don’t misstep or leave in extraneous words. I expect you edit like a surgeon.
    Natural subjects and scenes are prime ground for poetry and I love how you’ve taken small things and brought them into fascinating focus here. Just wonderful, and a real pleasure to read.


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  2. A good cicada is a dead cicada (HA). All are gorgeous and it is obvious you are very familiar with the topic. I read each twice and marvel at the concise execution of lovely words.

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