This poem was written for Laura’s dVerse prompt of creating a found poem using first lines from the first poem of each month using at least 12 months. This poem is comprised of the first line from the first poem of each month in 2022. Two of the lines have been repeated. The only alterations to the original lines were one line break and one added comma

Friday night; silence falls 
under a giant mural of parrots
the bus draws in

papa says
we will find
sculling morning air

I touch them
amygdala unfurling
and so too the garden

you caught me
today, in a cave, neck craned
the new truth is held
sculling morning air

5 thoughts on “Loropetalum

  1. What an interesting writing prompt. I’ve never done one, but would love to see how that would work. I am going to agree with Misky’s comment, the use of Loropetalum really tied this together nicely.

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