two writers meet

written for Shay’s Word Garden – Janis Ian

Kerouac’s dog sniffs my shins
I say “call him off, sunshine’
in a voice like an armadillo’s
coarse as a ribbon of wasps.

But Kerouac simpers
fingers outstretched, 
he’s mewing like a nightbird
to his four-legged friend.

That’s when the dog 
pisses on my boots - 
amateur bloody genius! 
And I discover I’m laughing, 

offering Jack a smoke
“to camouflage the odour”
We lean into the evening
jaws long as yarning

The absurd glints
high as that feathered moon
and the windmill blades
grip the purple sky. 

I see it now,
in the warp of horizon
how we’re all screwed
way too tight for sanity.

Words used: armadillo, ribbon, Kerouac, nightbird, boots, smoke, absurd

28 thoughts on “two writers meet

  1. Absolutely love this! All the images are fantastic and original. Especially the ending…which you are always so good at.

    On a side note, Kerouac was the writer who got me into reading and writing. I never read in high school. I guess I was too cool. But after I graduated, someone gave me On The Road, and that was it. I’ve been reading ever since.

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  2. Jo this is absolutely brilliant! The thoughts the amazing imagery that puts us right there with the smells and feeling of it all! I love this and the ending well it is a powerful punch; one that we all need. Amazing writing my friend!

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      1. That’s great! We’ve had two power outages lately so a poor hatch rate in the incubators. Two of the ones that did hatch have… behavioural issues. We’ve called them Nero and Caligula and separated them for the safety of the other chicks. Then two more hatched this morning and Marcus said they should be called the profits, so I suggested Nostradamus which was misheard by Harriet… the two newest hatchlings are now Nostril and Dumbarse.

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  3. hanging out with a favored artist – we should all ponder this. Really enjoyed the humor, the creativeness of this poem!

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