Aliens on Mars

This was written within an hour for Visual Verse Anthology‘s February Image by Olga Naida (below)

on Mars 
we’ll be the odd fish
red-smeared & stumping 

masks oblate
as heaving moons
spinning light
between obscured eyes

we’ll be fish with no water 
the way we’ll float
heavy as bobbing pumpkins
in snorkelled air

we’ll carry our lungs
outside ourselves
viscous and wheezy
OH&S tied up in 
red-wired balloons

flapping tents 
cosy as headless raincoats
will people the desert

but we’ll dress in green 
just to see some
just to know 
that green is still there
waiting for our eyes

ponds of us 
will surge on sand
rummaging boot toes
and pretending our way home

9 thoughts on “Aliens on Mars

  1. Oh stoppit, show-off! Wow. To begin with, you had me at the title. I love spacey things, like NASA in your List poem. There are so many things in this poem that I just love–“like bobbing pumpkins”, the entire “flapping tents” stanza, and then whole notion of green still being there waiting, and pretending our way home and the way that was described. It is a criminal shame that this is sitting here with 2 comments when you should be poet laureate of outer space or something.


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