The Milky Way

Written for dVerse quadrille prompt “music” and Twiglet #313 “trick of the light”

tiny hairs
warmth down 
velvet skin

lips pucker for milk
from the planets:
their mother’s breasts

and growing up 
they discover the sky
 glazed with stars -
time’s many births
     trailing a 
lambent music

Hera’s spilled love
a trick of the light

18 thoughts on “The Milky Way

  1. can’t beat Bob’s comment. It’s a zinger 🙂 Yes, Worms, wonderful metaphor tying the domestic to the galactic; ‘lambent’, one of those words that never made it to memory: I have to look it up each time —

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    1. Thanks so much, John. I listened to this mammal expert and then I was trying to work on a quadrille using a galactic poem I had previously discarded. The two ideas merged. I thought I was brilliant but it turns out the Tomans had thought of it way back. 🤣 Hence the name “Milky Way:. And hence my reference to Hera.

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