the window is a jagged edge

Written in response to the below image from Sunday Muse #207

Saturday among the rocks
we don’t cry
we don’t clean

just hold our faces
in the falling
in the keening

a peeled sky 

we watch 
the gramophone turn 
soaking pallid air 
with bandages 

the window
is a jagged edge
holding us in

every day
another can opener
screeches through the city

spilling red

A man listening to a gramophone in what’s left of his bombed-out bedroom in Aleppo, Syria.  Photography by Joseph Eid

10 thoughts on “the window is a jagged edge

  1. a rivetting vignette after a bombing; ‘a peeled sky’ and ‘another can opener’ are effectively terrifying; you’ve captured the horror well; and then the calm, stoic dignity of the man listening to his gramophone; well done —

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