the biggest death

written after John Malone’s poem What IF on a Sunny Day

imagine the sun
yolk in shades of bursting

all those beams
would slowly crumple

darkness's last petticoat
sashays to the floor

and reverence comes to find us
our knees taste grit

in our  mind now
those little dust mites

must tumble in cold space
their goldless falling

somehow describing horror
to our blinded eyes

14 thoughts on “the biggest death

  1. While John’s piece is (weirdly, in a good way) straightforward, you bring the poetry as you always do. “goldless falling” my word but that’s excellent, Jo.
    Btw, a major ice storm knocked out my internet for 2 weeks but the Word list has returned and is up. I’d love to have you there!


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