beauty’s argument

she wants beauty 
to take its place under rocks
and shrink-fast

but her eyes are
like the wings of swallows
silhouetted on dusk’s sky
he can’t look away

out the window
weeds play at being a meadow
daisies, dandelions, 
and clover flowers

she says “must I 
cover myself with grass?”

at gesture’s edge  
paspalum swords
slash the silver sun
she says “self” 
and “sanctum” 

he whispers
“a clover flower admits 
bees mean well
as readily as a rose”

she stands to go
“in your history books”
she says, voice like ice’s sparkle
“where have flowers had a voice?”

9 thoughts on “beauty’s argument

  1. I love the ending. That the poetic voice doesn’t fit or acknowledged by history. I guess it’s not something that you can readily point to. But it’s there if you listen. The second stanza is wonderful.

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  2. The poem itself easily folds into its own poetry (or concept?). Does that make any sense?? I know exactly what I want to say, just can’t quite find the words. I appreciate the undercurrent of tension that also suits the concept of beauty. Very lovely and intriguing poem.

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