Surrealist Dictionary

Written for NaPoWriMo Day #2. (surrealist responses to at least 5 of words provided)

Fog happens when
outer space is
flipping pancakes and so
I walk through batter
and sifted stars by

the river. This is 
the way to memory:
curling curling
a swept neuronic highway
down and down to hear
the hippo campus singing.

Song… the way we 
eat the sky — tongue and throat
discharging voices in blue
like pigeons on a power-line
two bottoms
grey as oyster shells

simple oysters, we think.
Tiny jaws that hold the universe
swallowed planets
glistening with realms
white as prismatic 

ghosts — come in and meet them,
inverted shadows
who float in the wake of us
surreptitious puffs of yesterday’s sun

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