You don’t care about the creatures…

You people disregard the paucity of creatures in foreign countries
who die in stickless forests.
In early mornings when you turn your backs on the wilderness,
the faceless trees 
end up blinding you
and when you try again
you ignore how few run from their waterholes
leaving only printless mud.

Written for NAPOWRIMO Day #3. (writing opposite to short poem. This is based on Leonard Cohen’s “I wonder how many people in this city”)

8 thoughts on “You don’t care about the creatures…

    1. Ha ha. I don’t know what to say. I think you’re right but, due to the nature of the prompt, I felt no fierceness in writing it. It simply is what came out of trying to play “opposite day” (as my son would say) with Cohen’s poem.


  1. When people are writing to prompts… I should probably check out the prompt. Without going over to Cohen’s lines, I thought too – this is fierce. Prompt or no prompt, it is. Fierce.

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    1. Thank you. The prompt, as you may have understood from my too brief summary, was to take a short poem and try to find the opposite meaning for as much of every line as possible. My kids often play opposite games and I find them a bit annoying. Lol. It seems to me if you reverse enough meanings it’s effectively doubling negatives and there’s a chance you’ll end up with the same meaning you started out with. So I headed into this prompt pretty dubiously. However it has turned out to be a reasonably challenging and surprisingly interesting exercise. I have really enjoyed other responses too.

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