what shall I list?

Written for NAPWRIMO Day #7. (a list poem)

    • A list of leaves and branches makes the height of a tree
    • the list of a boat pictures a wave that never departs
    • On the fridge, the shopping list: these moments of clarity held in margins and blank white space
    • in my phone a list of photos is my eyeballs on parade
    • list numbers
    • list facts
    • list questions
    • butterflies listed in a drawer - lepidoptera layers
    • a list of papers squarely in the newsagent’s basket
    • a list of prayers reeling up to god
    • behold the dog’s leg
      a list of white fur
    • a list of bricks suggest a wall
    • a list of dirt 
      falls into a hole while all around
    • lists of black
    • and then our ears, skin and cartilage cords listed just so to list en

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