on the floor with my tears

written for Shay’s Word Garden (Zachary Schomberg)

At night your Merc pulled in
headlights pushing reflections 
through rippled glass 
like water across the wall
while I waited – stiff as the kitchen table
for caress or abscess.

Tall, in perpetual tuxedos,
you’d stand, 
champagne glass in hand
like a giant puffer fish 
breathing radiant yellow bubbles 
in our paisley aquarium
You once said 
I was a cellist in a bullpen, 
stunned to silence
it’s true
by your toxic words,
and axe-murderer eyes.

That time you broke
my crystal dove
your voice sent curtain cords dancing
and flecks shimmered operatic 
on the floor with my tears.

And you told me
of another woman, 
tiny as a blue wren,
flitting pretty, aviary quick.
The dart and twitter of her
still irritates the branches 
of my dreams.

Your champagne
stood pleasing no-one
on the marble bench
when I asked if you loved me.
At last I saw your laughter uncorked, 
watched it dribble half-hearted
down your waxy chin.

You helped me pack,
readied shoes, opened the door.
I loaded self-pity into the taxi’s boot
my heart like a loudspeaker
my hands around my throat.

You floated in my vision,
the seatbelt clicked
and I sailed off
in the current of street-lights
all tied down 
and ready to panic.

9 thoughts on “on the floor with my tears

  1. glad to see a new Worms’ post. This one rocks with panache and poetry with a solid story line ! So many exquisite images to linger over ; each stanza bristles with inventiveness; this one was worth waiting for 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “..for caress or abscess.,” indeed. The lunar landscape of a toxic relationship is rendered all too vividly here, and resonates with me–these are the memories that haunt our poetry as we try to exorcise them–sweet as poisoned honey. Excellent writing, amazing images, full of the sad but compelling truth of what was. I especially liked the aquarium image, and “..you told me/of another woman,/tiny as a blue wren..” brought back a personal memory of being shown another woman’s glove, tiny as a child’s. Like a kick to the stomach.

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