river walk

I remember the mist  
easing into the river valley

one damp length of 
sock loosely draping
over a sentience of green

like the ground
how it cradles each foot
when I walk
nose out front
I am clamped
inside thought battles 
wet-toed and fuzzy headed
in a morning only half un-sunk

the whip bird cracks
urging on the rising sun 

and grey humps of kangaroos
beat down dew drops
in the grass

the sky’s twin
finds my eye shimmer-wise
I'm between the two of them
one smooth, the other rippled

my own thoughts
exacted in puddles of blue

2 thoughts on “river walk

  1. Sounds like a wonderful walk. I really enjoyed the contemplative mood. And the ending, I read “the sky’s twin” and thought what is this? The last line in the stanza, I realized it was a reflection. The last stanza is perfect.


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