circles of measurement

written for Ragtag’s Daily Prompt “Yearn”

these are the circles
by which we measure our pond:

virulent on the plateau
lines of feverish trees
and a fox with roadkill jaws 
tail gorgeous 
as a Japanese print

it is a sinking 
a net soft as yearning

purple rears into orange
and we drop 
into dim forest
where green darkens
over the trip of undergrowth

and eyes
those tiny fears, 
spark in headlights

the moon
by a width of stars
exotic bashfulness

and at last

a cup of tea
simple spoon swirls
reflecting the light
my mother’s kitchen

11 thoughts on “circles of measurement

  1. “dusk / it is a sinking / a net soft as yearning” Those are gorgeous lines. For me the real magic of the poem is bringing autumn, dusk and the moon… into your mother’s kitchen. Just lovely.

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