walking away

the missing persons poster
shows fifteen smiles

one woman hasn’t been seen since 1981

I find myself sinking
into the dimple on her chin

she looks cool
short hair and skin smooth 

I whisper “I’ll come and see you again tomorrow”

her dimple winks

in my dreams
she floats

carrying stars under her fingernails
to impregnate the sea

I go back
planning to rip her from the wall

the shopping centre smells like bacon

there aren’t many people
in the corridor near the loos

just fifteen smiles
casual as irony

she and I square off 
gaining understanding

I can see now
she doesn’t want to be rescued

her eyes are calm
her whole life is ahead of her
nobody can guess where she will go

She smiles
when I blow her a kiss

she and I know
how hard it is
to walk away

12 thoughts on “walking away

  1. I like this, Worms; it eats at the heart; you know from my reference to the Beaumont children in an earlier post how I am haunted by missing people; well written and a little haunting; I’m going in for a second read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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