Moon (ii)

it is only by falling
that our one moon
stays in the sky

one night a month
she wears a beret
and a long silver
cigarette holder

it’s unsettling always
being cheek to cheek
with infinity

her gowns simmer
diaphanous as winter breath
or a slim clutch
of adjectives

the juggled work
in symbiosis
with the juggler

she wants to dance
staged on blue
or black, her face
of serenity, smiling

outward from the sun
more space and
such insipid black

and so she greets us
radiant or dull
always dancing
weightlessly rotund

invisible circles intersect
their arcs halting such certain falls
within this inky tide

9 thoughts on “Moon (ii)

  1. This is wonderful! That first stanza is terrific. So much said in so few words. I also really like the third stanza. Infinity has always terrified me a little too. I really like how each stanza is a small poem to itself, yet all fits together as a whole.

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    1. thanks John. I looked up profane because isn’t a profanity like a swear word? The definition didn’t really clarify it for me as it mostly seemed to reference religion. But I think you are referring to the sections where I refer to the moon as a person and give it human wishes etc?

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  2. This is a lovely dance Jo. I read it three ways. First just the italics, then the plain text, then the poem complete. Worked beautifully with each read. I love the lines “It’s unsettling always being cheek to cheek with infinity” and “The juggled work in symbiosis with the juggler”. Brilliant.
    And with that, I wish you the very best over the next couple of weeks. I hope all is well. I’ll miss your poetry, comments and presence in this fine little world community. Breathe.

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