a few chunks

everywhere I go
Venus follows me
with her gaudy eye

we don’t talk
unless the great white casement gapes
and then we are hurled
blind as daisies

we catch at petals
hoping they'll be solid

the sunset raves
about the new-gone day
and here am I 
review unreviewed

 ready to step clockwise 
‘round the evening

The mountain is zebra-striped with death
breeding stories of fires and pickled air

the other night, I drove up here
and the mist drifted
white counters 
sawing the windscreen

it’s not that I don’t like driving
it’s that the photos tumble by

I saw a wallaby jump the arnco
a standing start
higher than its head
easy as grace

and clouds
like apostrophes
shorten the horizon

a lone duck
guards the bridge

I cook prawns 
they curl in the pan
butter & garlic
the soft waft

as though days will never change

17 thoughts on “a few chunks

  1. This feels like a glimpse of the poet’s mind/eye life. I love the movement between poetic description (not sure that’s what I’m trying to say…) and the snapshots of life; the drive, the wallaby, duck and prawns in the pan…


  2. Wonderful. I especially like the first part. And the lines:
    it’s not that I don’t like driving
    it’s that the photos tumble by


    1. Thank you, Kate. How are you all, anyway? The chooks we bought from you continue well. Little Stormy (named by my son) had a patch of illness but we kept her indoors a couple of days and fed her delicacies and she seems to have come good. My Mum now has four of them including one that looks like becoming a very handsome rooster. As long as he stays kind, he’ll be allowed to stay.


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