Who Hears the Crying?

When a million stars take leave from night duty and arrange themselves on Earth's blackened boughs then you know that tree cries are heard all across this universe we perceive as barren. But tomorrow, when we stand dressed in smoke, completely lost in its ebb and rolling, our asphyxiated wails will vanish quick as bio-luminescence … Continue reading Who Hears the Crying?

They Have Hearts Too

pour happy thoughts into your breakfast bowl that summer mayn't dry out hope leaving it on footpaths adrift amongst the stepping stone madness of commuter feet try looking for a moment through the spectrum of flowers petal art by vein they have hearts too open to the sun begging for bees and if they wilt … Continue reading They Have Hearts Too

Wish on the tears of clouds…

Earth wipes a tear from the soft white cheek of a cumulus cloud - careful now and into her vial - these appropriated raindrops to be saved for the protesters their fruitless garden of raised fists. May they grow (she says) plentiful as dandelions - until their explosion into wind-blown stars grits the eyes of … Continue reading Wish on the tears of clouds…

Things that Pass

It was said that all things must pass: the big wheels turning, turning over the drought-lands, the down-and-out lands cattle skeletons ploughed in like rotted ships fence-posts - frayed and far-fetched zippers - dragging lines of wind-sawn wire – dun and drear the fierce fires rolling, roiling wanton flames - the lunge and buck, the … Continue reading Things that Pass


Oh my children, born into a world of opposites; dividing lines. The horizon, like the wild words of dictators, stomps parapets and, uneasy, leaves drift by them from tree to ground expecting scorn. Seeds rear bruised heads through soil’s ceiling awaiting crazed weather’s cruel whip. Invisible clouds, our human waste, hug tight Earth’s sphere; suffocating … Continue reading Apology

Extinction Rebellion

crude wooden tripods stand tethered human pendulums swinging amongst fumes and fuming damming politicians and incandescent commuters damming the city’s arteries a timely attack the heart on the hill* bloodless while the body rages taut fists enacting death throes of a planet in need *Australia's Parliament House is commonly referred to as "the house on … Continue reading Extinction Rebellion