More Celebrity Goss

Hey! did you hear about that chick, Persephone? You know, she was in in that movie with Jason Gyllenhaal, yeah she’s gorgeous. Remember that scene with all the flowers? OMG soooo cheesy! Anyway, so Persephone went off with her whack-job Uncle Hades. I mean, he must’ve been a prick, right? It’s like that Lolita movie, … Continue reading More Celebrity Goss

Scene Sprung from a List of Words

It’s Friday evening and the masculine sky is built thick with steroidal clouds muscling out the tops of awed sky-scrapers. Contrasting snow like cherry blossoms chases the piquant wind while umbrellas like bent and splendid crepes admit colour in splashes as commuters battle through the park. Two girls, gripping insecure scarves attempt to exhume a … Continue reading Scene Sprung from a List of Words