Scene Sprung from a List of Words

It’s Friday evening and the masculine sky is built thick with steroidal clouds muscling out the tops of awed sky-scrapers. Contrasting snow like cherry blossoms chases the piquant wind while umbrellas like bent and splendid crepes admit colour in splashes as commuters battle through the park. Two girls, gripping insecure scarves attempt to exhume a … Continue reading Scene Sprung from a List of Words

Fenny’s Fact Story

Fenny Fawcett ran a factory printing fiction and fantasy but while enjoying fanciful fiction, she also liked her facts, you see. ** Fiction claimed as fact, she could only view as fallacy and she fought this fact confection with significant potency. ** Fenny started fracking for fiction in our history and finally formed a faction … Continue reading Fenny’s Fact Story